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This is not new for them ...says Kareena Kapoor

“Whatever celebrities will do its a sensation in industry now a days and they will add some masala to it” said bebo girl Kareena Kapoor to media.Recently this cat eyed beauty ordered a diamond necklace which is worth of 40 lakhs.Don’t know how this news went to the ears of media,they started writing stories on this.One of story is shown in famous bollywood TV channel that in the end of February Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are getting married,that’s why the necklace is oredered.Second on other channel is that Siaf only oredered this diamond necklace on the name of Kareena.And this stories had became a hot discussions in bollywood.By these stories kareena said above lines to media.“Everyone knows tha she and Saif are getting married.But its not decided when this will take place and will be grandly celebrated.In their relationship Saif presented her lot of gifts and its not new for them and please dont link this necklace to marriage” said Kareena Kapoor.

She will quit movies if in case to act in Bikini ........Asin

We already know that Asin came into news when she said “Dont talk about bikini in front of her” infront of producers and directors in past.And again this gossip is creating a hulchul now.The latest gossip is that Bikini costumes will not be suited to Asin and her figure will not set for the bikini dress,that’s why Asin rejecting to act in the bikini scenes from the starting.Finally this news went up to this beauty and that’s it this Malyalam actress Asin became disappointed.”She didn’t rejected because it will not suit her,its just because of she feels incomfortable in wearing this bikini dress and she dont want to act in these glamorous scenes.Just to change her mind only these type of gossips coming.She feels comfortable in acting with Chudidhar and Saree’ the grace of god she got a beautiful body and by this body only her costumes will get beauty.If she acts in bikini scenes,nobody will be compared with her to the actresses who already acted in bikini costumes.And finally tellin

Bubbly Beauty got a jackpot in kollywood ......

Bubbly beauty Hansika Motwani is called by a name’Jr Kushboo’ these days in kollywood.Once upon atime Khusboo was in high range and now this Jr Kushboo is also in that range only in tamil industry.You dont believe that she became a most wanted actress in kollywood.Dhe attracted tamil people from the movie ‘Mapillai’ which was released last year.And her later movies like ‘Engeyum Kaadhal’ and ‘Velayudham’ proved the talent of Hansika.That’s why she became a most wanted actress in tamil movie industry. Hansika is now busy with the kollywood movies ‘OK OK’ and ‘Vettai Mannan’ and also acting with vishnu in telugu movie.Recently,Hansika got a awesome offer to act with tamil star actor surya.This movie will be directed by hari.We already know that the combination of hari and surya already had a great success record from the movies Aaru,Vael and Singham.This fourth one will be latest movie with Surya and Hansika.So news from kollywood movie people is that Hansika had got a Jackpot.By this mo

Trisha Krishnan is getting busy with Dhammu and Samaran ......

From the side of performance Trisha Krishnan already got a credit from tollywood people.But after getting in to tollywood ten years back also she is not able to speak in telugu,its some disappointment for trisha lovers in tollywood.Many actresses like Anushka,Tamanna,Thapsee are enternerd in tollywood after Trisha,they already got a good command in speaking telugu.But,till now trisha not able to speak in telugu language.She wants to get away fro this problem as soon as possible.From now onwards she wants to dubb her own voice in her movies in different languages.So,at first she is  dubbed in her own voice from the movie ‘Mankatha’ with actor Ajith.At present this beauty is acting in the telugu movie ‘Dhammu’ with Jr.NTR and in kollywood movie ‘Samaran’ with vishal.Trisha decided that in these movies mostly wants to speak in her own cute voice.For the ‘Samaran’ movie already she is seriously busy in dubbing her voice.And now the one which is left is for the movie telugu movie ‘Dhammu’ a

Nayanthara to act with Nagarjuna under the direction .....

Finally the suspense of continuing Nayanthara in movie industry is come to an end.The news is that this beauty is acting with Nagarjuna in her next movie.This telugu movie will be directed by Dasharath who gave Nagarjuna a super hit movie Santhosham.This latest movie will be produced by D.Shivaprasad Reddy who already produced lots of movies of actor Nagarjuna.After searching of most actresses for this movie Nagarjuna suggested the actress Nayanthara for this movie.As weknow this romantic combination already seen in the telugu movie BOSS and this will be there second movie.This latest cinema will be started on sets in May 2012. Nayanthara after getting married with actor Prabhudeva wants to stay away from acting.But recently at the fifty days of celebration of telugu movie Sri Rama Rajyam,some od the directors chit chatting tht Nayantara wants to continue acting in cinema industry.And the news in movie industry is that this beauty is demanding the remuneration upto 2 crores but for thi

Item Songs will be key to the movie collections...says Katrina Kaif

“She is not performing in item songs for the sake of money,just to prove and show that she can also do these type of songs” Said beauty star katrina Kaif.The latest gossip in media on this star is that,Katrina knows the the technique of earning huge amount of money in a short period,that’s why she is acting in item songs and recently for one of the item song she demanding 2 crores of rupees.And she replied as above on these rumors.Katrina Kaif said that “Dont under estimate the item songs.Item songs will change the situation of the whole movie.At present acing in item songs from the top stars like her also will make the movie success.The gossip on taking 2 to 3 crore of rupees for item song on her is completely false statement.Producers will know how much they should give for her.They know how much collections they can make on this item song,based on that they will give remuneration for her and they will not give her as she demands.Katrina Kaif said that she will not do item song in ev

Kajal Agarwal answer on Lip Lock scene with ...

She saw the movie in normal theatre at dubai and in one of mass theatre in mumbai.And in these two places the movie got a good response.Businessman movie is a good example that its a movie for all kind of people i.e. from mass to class.In this telugu movie she acted as an artist.In childhood she is used to draw dolls on walls and scolded by her mother .And she remembered all these things while doing this tollywood movie.The character in the past movies made her feel like a 'Girl Next Door'.But in this Businessman movie she will look as a trendy and stylish girl.Overall enjoyed the role of her in this movie.PuriJganaath will also maintain a discipline and friendly at shooting locations... said the successful actress Kajal Agarwal. When asked about the acting in the lip lock scente between Kajal Agarwal and mahesh Babu-Kajal   replied “Why pointing to that particular scene in that movie,she didnt understand.These scenes are common between lovers in life.But its just in a cinema t

Did the actress Nayanatara signed for next movie !

Nayanatara was the central attraction at one the 50 days function of the telugu movie Sree Rama Rajyam.And the discussion on this beauty on her cine field had made in this function,For all the credtis on her ,Nayanatara just replied with a cute smile with her beautiful lips.But the doubt in tollywood industry is that -”Is Nayantara want to continue in acting in movies or not?Its a billion dollar question for all the people in movie industry.And for this question till now she didn’t have any answer.”After commiting of marriage with Prabhudeva Nayantara didnt commit on any movies except ‘Sree Rama Rajyam’ movie with Bala Krishna.This movie is super hit at tollywood boxoffice and she got a good craze after the success of this movie.Rumor is that the producers are putting pressure on her to act in their next movies.Nayanthara is in dilemma now for replying them.There is rumor going in kollywood that one of the famous producers in tollywood approached Nayantara to act in his movie.For this

Pleasant Kiss On Katrina Kaif Cheeks by .........

A Bollywood award distrubution fuction is going.All the legends of movie industry attended this function and lots of audience also attened this award function.On the request of host Bollywood Baadshan ShahrukhKhan and beautiful actress katrina Kaif came on to stage.The fans of these stars are making huge sounds with vigils and claps.Suddenly theres a shocking scene for all of them in function.Infront of thousands of people Sharukh Khan gace a sweet kiss on the lovely cheeks of Chikni Chameli girl Katrina Kaif.And the people who saw this said this its a hot romantic kiss.And Katrina Kaif didnt response anything in this situation and frankly telling that it seems to function viewers that katrina kaif enjoyed this Kiss. And finally this scene made the hot topic in bollywood.When some peole are thinking that its just a wishing and welcome kiss ,and some think that shahrukh khan had forgotten his principles.Finally on getting lots of comments on this,Shahrukh khan replied that “Katrina Kaif

Its a great luck to act as prostitute in....Shreya Saran

“Its a great gift to the actress who get a chance to act as aprositute in the movies.Because that role will have all kinds of performance’s and expressions in which other roles wouldn’t have” said beauty Sreya Sharan.In one of the bengali film this bubbly beauty is acting as prostitute.On this topic Sreya said the above lines.Only luckiest actresses will get this offer.In indian movie industry most of the top actresses played a prostitute role in movies.And being oneamong them   makes her feel happy.If the feeling and dialogues of that role are successfully managed by a director then any actress playing that role,then it will be the best character of actress in their career.Shreya Saran is in condidence that her character will be the best character in her career.when asked her is she expecting anyaward for this character-“Just by expecting only they will not get award and everthing should cooperate like time and luck.But surely telling that,the character will be having a plenty of chan

Deeksha Seth is the most wanted actress in tollywood and kollywood

“Acting in the movies is like a standing on the sword.Not only it will get money,prestige but also will get that much of rumors on them.And they should deny as simple.Then only life will go smoothly” said Deeksha Seth.She is the actress who is compared with Katrina Kaif and also calles as tollywood Katrina Kaif.At present this beauty had almost four movies in hand in tollywood,kollywood movie industry.She is the most wanted beauty in telugu and tamil industry.When asked Deeksha Seth How she is facing this competion in movies? She replied – “She didn’t come in this movie industry for competition and will not feel tension that who will be a number one position in this indutry.Deeksha also will not believe in number game.She came in this glamour field to prove as artist and she concentrats on her character in movies only.She is not here to know who is top actress and how to win on them is not her work.Entering in movie industry is a luck and he is on work how to utilise this offer .Most o

Ayesha Shiva seen movie Pokiri- Canadian Artist who acted in Businessman movie........

“She looked on the silver screens for the first time and it’s a very sweet experience.She don’t have any experince in movie industry and that too in talking telugu language was a lovely experience for her” said Ayesha Shiv.She debuted in tollywood from the latest released Mahesh Babu’s movie Businessman.She acted as a friend of Kajal Agawal in this movie and highlight of her in this movie is she only dubbed for her character.This is Ayesha’s debuting movie,in canada she did a TV shows.She took a training in mumbai to act in indian movies.She didn’t expect that she will do a telugu film.She also said that “Her casting director introduced Puri Jagannath.He decided that she will be set as a friend of Kajal Agarwal in this movie and gave a chance for her.This will be her first movie,don’t know language at all and feared that how it will go.Anyhow from the cooperation of unit members she forgot her tension. Her character in this movie will be a girl who will speak in a buttler language.Ayes

She dont care the jokes on her in bollywood...... Sonakshi Sinha

She is 20…He is 40 is the latest funny discussion oing in bollywood.These discussion in on the beauty of the dabangg movie actress Sonakshi Sinha.She is the lovely daughter of bollywood star Shathrugna Sinha.She debuted from the bollywood film with good flick from dabangg film starring with Salman Khan.And in this film she is acted with Salman who is twenty years elder than her.And now she is also going to act with Akshay Kumar in her latest movie who is also elder than her.And these tpe of jokes are coming on her recently.When asked about his to this beauty,she softly replied that “Anyone can make Jokes on her,she don’t care.If she acts with the same age of her she cant learn anything from them because of less experience in this acting industry.And by acting with senior actors will make her learn from them because they will share their experience with her.From dabangg movie she got lot of suggestions from Salman Khan and now from Akshay Kumar.She is very happy with her present situati

Chikni Chameli Girl saying no to item songs ......

May be Chikni Chameli is the last item song of beautiful actress katrina Kaif.Because she thought that it may effect her movie carrer.She enterned into movies to settle as movie actress but from the movie Tees Maar Khan she became a item girl by doing the song Sheela Ki Jawaani which became the top item song in movie industry .Later she didn’t get good offers as an actress in movies,but she got plenty of offers from top directors to act in the item songs in their movies.Now,the directors of bollywood are asking Katrina Kaif to do item songs and they don’t mind giving her large remuneration.Recently her song Chikni Chameli in Agneepath movie with Hrithik Roshan once again became super hit in industry.The other itm girls of bollywood like Mallika Sherawat and Rakhi Sawant are nowhere seeming in bollywood now a days.And in bodyguard also she danced with Salman Khan in a sizzling song.Katrina Kaif is now concentrating on to settle as a good artist and rejecting the item songs in movies.

Gossip on Relationship With Dhansuh made Shruti Hassan fire .....

“Gossips will give publicity.Its true.But it will disturb life of some people” … told glamorous actress Shruthi Hassan.The relationship of her with actor Dhanush in kollywood made her to fire on this gossip.Shruthi Hassan said that certain limiti shouls be there in spreading gossips.In glamour field the gossips are normal but upto certain extent it will be good.If an artist neglects and take lite on gossips only then enter in to movie industry …once her father said to Shruti.Then Shruthi said ok she will manage them.But now she is not able to digest these gossips.They should not be hurted to their parents and don’t know why ladies are treated like this in movie industry.Almost most of the gossips will be on actresses only.Till now she didn’t fall in love with anyone and if she falls in love ,she will tell to media.This “Kolaveri Di..” tamil song beauty also tells media to behave pleasantly on these type of gossips which will be good…said Shruti Hassan.

Is Vidhya Balan to pair with superstar Rajnikanth in movie ....?

As an artist no one can replace Soundharya.It is not possible to compare with her performance with present actresses.But better performance and artist after soundharya is to the malayalam girl Vidya Balan,its also the opinion of the top icon in movie industry.And on some occasion superstar Rajni Kanth expresses his opinion on Vidhya Balan.At present on above statement a news is flowing in Kollywood media that in his next film he is getting to act with Vidhya Balan and finally and finally it reached to the ears of this Malayalam beauty.By this news she cant control her happiness and feels that she is very lucky of all the actresses.The legend like Rajni Kanth recognising her performance is unforgettable throughout her life.If a chance comes for her to act with him,she is never going to miss that offer.

Is Aishwarya Rai back With Murugudass Movie ........

Will Aishwarya Rai never act? Is there a chance for us to see this beauty on the screens again? the questions of the fans of her in world in their hearts. And this answer should be given by Aishwarya only. And for her decision only lots of people are waiting. And the happy news for these fans is that, one of the news in bollywood going .At present she is taking care of her lovely daughter and she had given a green signal to act in movies. This bollywood   movie will be a remake of tamil movie Ramana directed by Murugudass. In this movie in a flash back story of this movie Aishwarya will be a wife of Sharukh Khan. In tamil these roles are played by Simran and in tollywood its by Jyothika. And the Hindi version of this movie will also directed by Murugudass. And the aishwarya is getting make up for first time after becoming a mother of a daughter. Not only this, she also signed a couple of movies and one is for tamil movie is news. If this news becomes true it will be great news not

Is anything wrong in giving photoshoot while pregnant...?...Shilpa Shetty

Recently Aishwarya’s daughter photos are put in auction by the Big B family became the hot gossip and rumor in bollywood.And the Big B replied for this gossip that, “They didn’t get that position..”   to put it in auction and Amitabh condemned this news. And another gossip like this only creating sensation in bollywood now. At present the long legged beauty Shilpa Shetty is pregnant which we know. And this news is posted by Shilpa Shetty on her twitter only by herself. And the gossip is that Shilpa had a photo shoot with pregnant and she decide to put a auction for this photos. Is this only gossip? Or she is playing a latest business trick? Are the two discussions going in movie industry? When media asked Shilpa Shetty, why she wants photo shoot while pregnant?-“All are expressing their views on their own as they like. The news which she is not true, how come they know this and ask them only.And the photo shoot during pregnant is not a wrong. And for sake of her ambition only she had a

The Success of those movies will be a tension ...Samantha

Those who are in limelight for them only offers will be plenty, the seletion from the offers made in that time will depend their luck. Now the beauty of movie industry samantha’s life is going like this only. And at present she is having half a dozen of tollywood movies in her hand. From kollywood also Samantha getting lot of offers. Because of this she is unable to set the dates for the big offers and finally rejected them also. In this range her movie career is going now a days. When asked this beauty about this she replied – “After getting stardom in movie industry this situation is common for every actress and she is facing that situation only. And she is in tension on the movies she rejected. When some actress is acting the movies that she left, if it becomes huge success then it will be a great loss for her.The movies which she signed are also a famous and big banner productions, that’s why she rejected the tamil movie offers. Then her decisions will do well or bad the time only

Shriya Saran tells her plus points ......

“Shreya is wonderful artist and she can play a role in movies is the credit she wants to get before entering the movie industry. Now she reached her goal, but as an artist there’s lot more to learn in movies now...” said Sreya Sharan. This beauty entered in movie industry since twelve years.In this twelve years she didn’t get any gap in this acting industry. But these days Sreya not getting offers in movies, that’s why she is staying behind from this competitive industry. Shreya replied about this, that different artist will have their own style, that’s why no one is competitive with them. In these 12 years she is very busy, no need to bother on this. In the she signed every movie to settle in life and not necessary to act in any movie now. She is carefully selecting the movies that it’s a good movie or not. Shreya Saran tells that she likes her self confidence; she can face any situation at any time. She will not concentrate on unnecessary things and will no take tension …these are he

2012 will be a sweet lovable memory for both of them ........Kajal Agarwal

Beauty star of south Indian movie industry Kajal Agarwal is fallen in love with famous businessman and this is going nearer to their marriage is the news .These are not said by Kajal but this is the latest gossip in Kollywood which is doing sensation in movie industry. She is busy with acting in tamil movies with Surya in “Maatran” and with Vijay in “Thupaki”. This gossip became a headache for her. On this gossip she replied that –“As In the glamour field the ups and downs are common, in that category only these gossips belong. She don’t want to waste time on this gossips.At present her career is running in top gear and almost acting in six movies in telugu,tamil industry now. And where is the time to her for making love.”She loves only her sister Nisha Agarwal, whose career is also now going good and Nisha is getting many offers from telugu, tamil languages. And this is a happy moment for her. Sure that this year will remain as a sweet memory for both of them” said Kajal.

Cute Genelia once again fires on media ......

“We are also people not a thing to play with them ..” in this range Genelia Dsouza fired on media. This bubbly girl is acting with Harman Baweja in the movie Its My Life which is in post production now.And on this occasion the director and producer started publicity of this movie. During this publicity Genelia got this bitter experience. The questions asked by media to her make Genelia to fire on them and those are the above lines said by her. And also she said that…”They are also human being and they have also life to live and the media is forgetting this. They only concentrate on how much they earning, their lifestyle, Love Relationships and any allegations with the people of industry. And they should know that lot of things are happening in country, better to concentrate on them. Because on these media statements normal people are misunderstanding the actors of this film industry."

She doesn't believe that skin show will ...........Shraddha Das

Shraddha Das became a Bikini Doll from the telugu movie Mogudu.This is the movie released recently starring with Gopi Chand and Tapsee.Shraddha Das also played a hot character in this movie.On this Bikini costumes a variety of gossip is flowing in media The spicy gossip is that Shraddha Das is taking care that in her every movie there will be Bikini Scene in her upcoming movies.And by asking to producers and Directors she is keeping the Bikini scenes in their cinemas. when media asked her,Shraddha replied that, this is a great comedy and directors, producers are not mad people to listen to my statements and she is not that much mad that a skin show in movies will get a huge offers. Its true that a glamour dose was high in movie telugu movie Mogudu because skin show demanded for that character and walking in the way of director is the profession of every artist. So, the looking bikini costumes will not depend on her.At present she is busy with telugu movie REY with director YVS Choudhar

2012 will be a Great Successful Year For Her ..........

Nanban tamil movie will definitely will bring her back into success lines as in past id the confident line said by the goa beauty and movie actress Ileana.2011 year didn’t go in favor of her. But sure 2012 will be a tremendous year for her movie career. This year Nanban will be her first movie and we know that it will be also released in telugu also. Till now Ileana acted in fifteen movies, but the character of Riya in Nanban will overcome those characters of the fifteen movies. Definitely this cinema will make her a star as well as a good artist. And also acting in the bollywood movie Barfi which is to be released soon and with Bunny (Allu Arjun)   in telugu movie Honey which will be directed by Trivikram Srinivas.And main attraction is that this goa baby is going to act in two bollywood movies Khaidi No 786 and in sequel of Once Upon A Time In Mumbai movie.In both these cinemas Akshay Kumar is playing a lead actor and one of these movies is set to release this year only. Ileana said

Success of movie credit goes to that ........Amala paul

By birth is an artist is the dialogue of the old and experienced people. She don’t know whether she belongs to that type or not but when she confirms any character or role she will try to reach 100 percent   for that role….is said by the actress AmalaPaul. After becoming the actress she wants to find the steps and hints for becoming success in movies read the book “The Actors Survival Handbook”.Amala Paul said some lines of this book – During school days the way she involved in reading, and in that way only she read this ultimate book, she even became wonder on reading this movie. She don’t know whether the director will make role to enter in actress heart or not but Artist will definitely enter in that role is the lines in this book. When the movie is signed first of all its important to understand the concept of the movie and when the shooting is started the artist should enter into that role till the end of the shooting that until shooting is pack up. The writer of that book also sa

It's like a dream till now to act with .........Anjana Sukhani

She had bulk of offers from tollywood and wants to show her talent in new year 2012, said by the tollywood movie actress Anjana Sukhani.This star has acted along with Raviteja,Sreya Saran in the telugu movie Don Seenu. And the above statements are said by her during her visit to Hyderabad for new year celebrations. After acting in Don Seenu she got good offers in tollywood industry but due to lack of nice projects, she refused the offers. During that period Anjana got offers in bollywood and kollywood. At present she is concentrating in telugu movies, that’s why busy in learning telugu language. Anjana Sukhani tells that, unforgettable sweet memory in her life is to act in the Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate advertisement. Because she acted with Big B Amitabh Bachchan and she is thinking that it’s a dream. Personally she is a fan of Amitabh and he also knows that, He loves his fans very much. That’s why on day of her birthday every year Big B will tell wishes to her. At present acting in