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Deepika Padukone loves negative shades of Ranveer Singh .....

True love is the love when one likes the negative shades of opposite side.At present bollywood top booming actress Deepika Padukone is doing this.Everyone know how much deepika likes Ranveer Singh,She will feel very happy when any discussion comes on him infornt of her at any interviews or functions.This long legged bollywood beauty will not stop talking about him once topic started on Ranveer singh. Recently she talked about negative shades of him.Ranveer is suffering with 'Obbesive Compulsive Disorder' which means feeling uneasy,unnecessarily fearing,doing same work again and again etc.Not only that one they will be advanced in romance and loving too much is also symptoms of this and in Ranveer these are all seen...said Deepika Padukone.Though these works seems uncomfortable for others but not for me and she will enjoy his company everytime,loves to see him continuously saidDeepika with a gorgeous smile on her face.