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Trisha Krishnan offered one crore for kollywood movie .....

Daily we are hearing that some actress is charging this much of rupees for a dance in a function or an item song in a movie. But news is that recently Trisha Krishnan got an offer of rupees ten millions to act in kollywood movie that too call sheet for only ten days. However this beauty rejected this offer and it made the kollywood people surprised. Because we know most of the actresses in movie industry are showing interest on remuneration and by so they are rejecting some of the offers. When asked Trisha Krishnan about this news, she said that it’s true about the offer. It’s a lady oriented film and it’s the role which is to be made during the end of a movie career. She wants to do act in many roles as an artist. Money is not important for her career is important. The director and producer of this kollywood movie ‘KopuramDevi’ are disappointed.

Indian actress body figure will not be set for ....... Deepika Padukoe

Looking as a Veronica character in cocktail movie is a great challenge for her said bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone. And she thinks that she had done a full justice to this character.At the time of choosing this cocktail bollywood movie,she had been given a script in her hand and given option to select any one of the leading roles. Then she had chosen Veronica character with out another thought. By knowing that this will be a great difficult for this character she took it serious and worked hard. She had a high confidence on doing this character. Basically Indian body structure will not be suited for Veronica character. That’s why she herself worked hard in getting a beautiful figure. Most of the time’s she stayed away from dinner and taken food items which she doesn’t like.She managed her body structure which is not so easy for everyone. Deepika Padukone explained about her character in this movie …. ‘After the birth of veronica, her parents will stay away from each other. She will

It will be a god's gift ...Priyanka Chopra on Burfee movie ......

“My beauty and dignified life knows everyone in the world, but they want to know about my performance in movies” said bollywood glamorous icon Priyanka chopra. The bollywood movie Burfee with Ranbir Kapoor is releasing in September 2012.During the promotion of this movie she spoke to media in Mumbai as above. Priyanka said that, she didn’t come in this movie field as to settle as glamorous star. She likes acting and wants to get a good name in this industry. She is very happy when she got the national award for the Madhur Bhanderkar movie FASHION. Most of the movie icons had got a lot of compliments from the bollywood icons for the movie ‘What’s Your Rashee?” in which she played a twelve different characters. At that time priyanka thought that she acquired the movie world. And also she played in a three different roles in movie ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’ which also got a good name for priyanka chopra. When coming to her latest movie Burfee in which she looks completely different from her past

Eega movie success made Samantha top most actress ...

No body knows who samantha is two years back.but all of in a sudden she introduced as jessi in movie industry that too from tollywood from the movie ye maaya chesave of gotham menon.From then she is ruling the tollywood from movies Brindhaavanam,Dhookudu.Right now she became the top most actress in movie induxtry from the success of SS Rajzmoulis crazy tollywood project.Yes What You are guessing ix right.its about the movie Eega.which released yesterday.No words are there now to speak about she looks xo much beautiful and awesome in the movie.when coming to acting she did a complete justice and competeted with Naani and Sudheep.She looks amazing in movie with her great dialogue delivery and expressions.She is going to be a good competitor in bollywood doudt one day Samantha will become a movie icon like sridevi and madhuri dixit.

Samantha in bollywood movie under Prabhu Deva direction .....!

Samantha who missed the movies under the great Indian movie directors now got a bumper offer now. We know that the tollywood movie “Nuvvosthanante Nenoddhantana” of Prabhu deva was a huge hit. Trisha played a lead role with Siddharth in this movie.And now this movie is ready to me made in bollywood under the director Prabhu Deva only. Trisha got a very good name from this movie and now samantha got a chance to work on this movie in bollywood.Tollywood sensational movie ‘Vikramarkudu’ remake in bollywood as “Rowdi Rathore” which was a golden hit for bollywood was also directed by Prabhu Deva.Another try is made by him in bollywood now from this movie with Samantha.Now,this glamorous beauty is suffering with skin allergy and after completing this treatment she will get busy in this movie is the latest news. Her latest telugu flick ‘Eega’ is set to release on 6 th of july. She also has prestigious projects in tollywood and kollywood with six movies in her hand. Anyhow Prabhu Deva’s offer

Ileana's Barfee movie made south indian movie directors to .....

Ileana’s Bollywood Movie Barfee made south Indian movie directors to think once. As we know that she became zero sized for the Shankers tollywood movie Snehithudu which is the remake of Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots. From then onwards more comments are going in film industry on her glamour. But after seeing her promos of her latest bollywood movie Barfee made them wonder. Two days back the promos of this Barfee movie are released to media by director Anurag Basu. This actress beauty in this trailer made both bollywood and tollywood people to wonder. Those   who had see this trailer are now showing fingers on the south Indian cinema directors that it’s the directors fault not to show Ileana beautiful in her past movies. This bollywood director Anurag Das made Ileana to look beautiful. In burfi movie she is looking in a decent role.”If in that role only she looks beautiful, then if she acts in a glamorous role hoe she will be looking?” is the belief of some bollywood cine idols. The latest gossi