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Its time to rock and dance with Chikni Chameli now- Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif got plenty of allegations for her dancing in telugu movies that she acted in films like Malleshwari,Allaripidugu. Not only in tollywood but also in bollywood before TeenMaarKhan movie. But now Katrina became a crazy dancer in Indian movie industry,not only crazy but also a sensational actress with the song Sheela Ki Jawani. By this ultimate song of Katrina lakhs of fans are waiting for her next item song. We also know that Katrina Kaif is acting with Hrithik Roshan in latest upcoming bollywood movie Agneepath which is directed by Karan Malhotra. In this movie Katrina kaif had a item song with the lyrics “Chikni Chameli……” and its no doubt that it will create a sensation in India. In this song Katrina’s expression and exposing her body will be a highlight of this song and already video of Chikni Chameli is rocking before release of this movie.And when asked about this to her-“She said that this credit will completely goes to the director Karan.She likes dancing but didn’t h

No Marriage at 24 .......Shazahn Padamsee

Oh No, Why so early Marriage? is the lines said by the tollywood movie Orange actress Shazahn Padhamsee. This beauty is going to get marry is the latest bollywood media gossip spreading in industry and then she reflected as above by this rumor. She said that she is just 24 years now and now only her career is starting. At this time if she will marry this will be a mad thing for her. And after five years she will think of marriage then only ask this question for her….said Shazahn. When asked about her affairs in industry-“If a heroine career is ten years then in that period at least links with ten people are published in media by wasting their valuable time and she don’t want to react on these type of rumors. Shazahan also tells that shortly she is working in bollywood movie under the huge production and she will announce the details shortly. She also getting offers but due to failure of the movie Orange she disappointed for some extent but that movie is a great milestone for her. And w

Hansika Motwani rejects Item Song for movie........

Hansika Motwani who debuted as a child actress from bollywood movies now a days not seeing in the movies. Recently this milky chubby girl got a offer from kollywood.Hansika said that for her money is not important, for that money she don’t want to reduce her image in industry. The offer this beauty got is to act in an item song in tamil film Rajabatlai in which vikram is playing lead role. The director and producer of this movie offered her nearly a 50 lacs   rupees for this one song. But Hansika rejected this huge offer smoothly. Hansika Motwani said that since from entering in movie industry she don’t like item songs, and for acting item song in Billa movie it is just for because of Maher Ramesh.He is seeing her as a sister and because of Brother’s request only she acted in that song. And at that time of doing that masala song only she decided that it will be her first and last item song in movie industry.In bollywood if its aitem song it will be treated in different meaning but in t

Anushka Sharma said that She is not in Love With ..........

Anushka Sharma who is a leading actress in bollywood has tired of the gossips and rumors in bollywood. As this beauties latest movie Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl released last week recently and had good response. Now, recently Anushka arranged a meeting especially for media and this is not about the news of her upcoming movies, but for the latest news in bollywood Hulchul. The latest gossip is that Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh are getting married shortly and on this rumor she wants to explain about this. He is the costar of the movie Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl.She said that, Falling in love is not a sin and it’s not a thing to fear or hide from media and people. And in real life she is in love with her parents. And when coming to Ranveer singh, he is just a good friend for her and its truth. Its up to you to believe or not and if at anytime she falls in love with anybody she will tell with open heart to all of us. In her opinion Love is a sweet and amazing thing in this universe. If this beauty

Glamorous Kajal Agarwal Fallen In love….!

Tollywood’s star actress Kajal Agarwal fallen in love so many times and mostly all of them have succeeded. This bubbly rose girl who looks simple continuing her love stories and no one will believe this. Don’t worry Kajal is not telling her real life stories, they are just reel life stories. In her films mostly she had had love affair with heroes but in real life till now she doesn’t find her love partner to fall in love.Kajal said that where the time to fall in love to her is? And she will not believe in first sight first love. She doesn’t understand how the people fall in love at first sight. Kajal Agarwal said that love is related to heart and two hearts should mingle to fall in that sweet love. And this will be a long process and it takes more time. She don’t have that much time after becoming a top star in movie industry as she is busy with her shooting schedules. If any one will found with her likes ,she doesn’t have objection to say I LOVE YOU and there family members will not o