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Katrina Kaif Hugging Salman Khan at TV show ……

Katrina Kaif became one of the top news to media now a days.Recently news that,she went as a guest to the TV channel program,there she created a news.Coming to the point,for one of the TV program huge audience are gathered and this is due to Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are attending this program .This love pair after a long gap met at this show.For this show Katrina Kaif came late and shocked to see Salman Khan in the show who already came there.And suddenly in front of the thousands people she hugged Salman Khan and now the time for the audience to shock.Their hug continued for   two minutes.Anyhow after completing this show Katrina Kaif went in Salman Khan’s Car.

Asmita Sood new glamorous actress in tollywood........

Beautiful face and cute smile own’s the new tollywood actress Asmita Sood.She is one of the new star in telugu film industry debuted from the latest telugu film “Brahmi Gadi Katha”.This beautiful girl born up in Shimla and got up in fashion industry through modeling.Asmita performed in television advertisements like Airtel,Vaibhav Jewellers,SBI credit cards,Uninor,Coca Cola,Imperial Blue and lots more.This beauty also stood in top 20 of femina miss India competition in this year.Asmiha played a very good role in this telugu movie,but faced little bit difficult to speak in telugu.This is a very romantic pair with Varun Sandesh in this movie.Asmitha’s favourite actor is bollywood star Aamir Khan and likes the magical musical melody of A.R.Rehman.This glamorous beauty likes movies Rang De Basanti,Dil Chahta Hai and Notting Hill hollywood film.

Laksmi Rai sizzles in and as Kanchana

Lakshmi Rai is tollywood’s upcoming glamorous actress.Recently she acted with Lawrence in the telugu film Kanchana which is the sequel of telugu sensational moive Muni.This is her third film with Lawrence and introduced from movie “Super Cowboy” and the movie didn’t perform well.Firstly Lawrence selected tollywood beauty Anushka Shetty for this movie,but one day he called Lakshmi Rai and told to act in this movie with him.Kanchana movie released recenty and getting a good response from the audience.In this movie she will look in a glamour character and in less scenes, when asked about this she said-Instead of looking in 100 scenes in flop movie,its better to look in four scenes in one successful movie.She didn’t act in tollywood after her second movie “Kanchana Maala Cable TV”.Though she acted in tamil movies and they released in telugu movies,but did not get success for her.This movie Kanchana is a great success for her and praised the acting of actor Lawrence.

Katrina Kaif new hot looks in Mere Brother Ke Dulhan….

Now a days bollywood actresses are trying in different roles and styles in movies.Katrina Kaif who is know to be top glamorous star in Indian movie industry,her next upcoming movie Mere Brother Ke Dulhan will be a sensational for her.Because in this movie this bollywood glamorous baby is going to blow away the minds of her fans and viewers at cinema theaters with her funny and spicy dialogues too. Katrina Kaif is completely looking in a different style and playing a bubbly role in this movie.The movie Mere Brother Ke Dulhan movie film is starring with Katrina Kaif,Imran Khan and Ali Zafar.Katrina Kaif is playing a role of a sister .It s will be complete comedy entertainer movie .The movie is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and music was composed by Sohail Sen .Katrina Kaif will be acting in a bubbly and cute funny role .Katrina Kaif’s another movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is released today.This movie set to release in september 2011.

No One will Break Their Relationship…..Kareena Kapoor

We know that bollywood top hot couple are Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan.As already bollywood industry people know that there is a affair between them.Many times   Kareena and Saif confirmed that they will marry soon. But till now it doesn’t happen and they replied due to busy in shooting schedules. Rumors in bollywood industry that they are living together without getting married.Recently talk in film industry that they separated.When asked this rumor to bebo girl Kareena Kapoor,she just smiled and said no one will break their relationship.During this statement she given shocking news to media that “ Husband and Wife controversies and quarrels are normal and don’t made this issue in public.Kareena said that they are perfectly matched and may take some time for marriage.

Vidya Balan Is Ready For Topless in Movies If….

This is said by the Malyalam Kutty Vidhya Balan to media. In bollywood till now she played as Homely and Family roles and this topless issue made a sensation in bollywood. Now already she became hot topic in bollywood industry by acting in the movie “Dirty Picture” which is based on real story of glamorous and romantic actress Silksmitha. And after this movie only she made this statement.Vidya said that –“It s not a fault to act in Nudity than full of exposing with glamour..”.Recently she also acted in private soap advertisement with topless (showing her back neck).And when media asked about this ad. Then she made this sensational statement. Vidya Balan also said that for a good role and character she is ready to play in any role even in topless also and only if said that Censor Board should also give permission for that role said with her cute smile. When asked her about our Indian culture, Vidya Balan said that in Hollywood most of the movies will have nude scenes and that does not m

Desire at 10 years of her age Completed Now …Bipasha Basu

Bollywood’s black sexy top actress Bipasha Basu became news after wearing a ring to her navel. From ten years of her age she wants to wear a ring around her navel and now she completed her childhood desire.Till now she didn’t show it because its not completely dried and this posted message on her twitter.And this message made Bips fans feel happily,and the fans of this beauty sending a messages by giving their tips for cure.These messages made her to shock and said-“Thanks to everyone of her fans and she will follow their tips.If we not complete our desires its waste of living a life,that’s why she completed her childhood dream now.And don’t want to hurt the society and this is her private life.

Ileana’s Hot Photo Sensation Soon ………

Now its time for tollywood actress Ileana to become hot topic in media after bollywood girl Deepika Padukone.Recently Deepika Padukone photo session was a big topic in bollywood industry,as rumors spread that she is giving a photo session which was hot. Anyhow now Ileana wants to give a photo session which will be a glamorous session for her.At present her bollywood movie Barfi is in final touch and her other Projects in tamil Nanban is yet to be completed which is the remake of sensational bollywood movie 3 idiots.When asked Ileana about this session,she replied that –“if we want to stand as a top actress,then glamour will play the vital role for them.”For this photo session is the correct way.So soon she is attending a photo session and confirms that there is no scope of obscene photos.Ileana said its no doubt that this photos will create a sensation in movie industry.

Preity Zinta in tha way Of Maddona….

Cute and Bubbly looking actress Preity Zinta will shortly looking as a slimmest girl. Moreover after gap of three months preity is acting in the bollywood movie “Ishq In Paris”.Recently she she started her own banner PZNZ.On this banner the movie Ishq In Paris in going to be started under Prem Soni direction and she is acting in this movie.In this movie she will be acting as a paris girl.So,that’s why she wants to maintain her body structure as of her role in the movie.She approached fitness trainer and Hollywood celebrity Tracey Anderson for training. Anderson is the fitness trainer of top world celebrities like Maddona,Gwineth Paltro,Hip Hop girl Shakeera,Jennifier Aniston and Jennifer Lopaez.So that’s why these top celebrities will look younger and beautiful in their fifties also.And the trainee is also following the same course for Preity Zinta.So,shortly this Indian beauty will look as a 20-21 year young girl.As the story demands the French Actresses,so Fabrice Luchini,Catherine D

“Don’t Involve her in Katrina Kaif’s Quitting From movie Barfi…”- Priyanka Chopra

Fashion movie girl Priyanka Chopra after time coming back from bollywood movie Barfi.The other star acting in this movie with her is Ileana is entering in bollywood,who is one of top glamorous actress in tollywood films. Firstly Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra has been opted first for this movie.But don’t know all of in a sudden Katrina has been replaced by Ileana for this barfi movie.And the rumors in hindi cinema industry came that Priyanka Chopra had some complications with Katrina Kaif,that’s why she has been replaced by the goa beauty Ileana D’souza.When asked about this rumour,Priyanka Chopra said that-Don’t involve her in this news,she don’t know why Katrina kaif is out and Ileana is in and said don’t know why and who this type of news are spread. Though the shooting of this movie started recently ,but since two years the discussion of this movie is going and already know that the movie will be starred with two actresses. Priyanka Chopra said that she is thinking of her role an

Deepika Padukone Got a Phone Call From …..

Its three months back that eyes of all of the top actress Indian film industry are on bollywood’s one of glamorous actress Deepika Padukone.Because she got a chance to act with the Indian and south cinema superstar Rajnikanth in the movie “RANA”.So many of actress are in a dilemma before the shooting of this movie that who is going to get a chance with Rajnikanth.Though the movie starring with five top actresses ,main role will be played by this Bangalore beauty Deepika Padukone.The shooting of this movie Raana started in April 2011 under the direction K.S.Ravikumar with EROS international banner and produced by Rajikanth’s daughter Soundharya. But due to health problems of Rajnikanth the shooting of this movie the shooting of this movie stopped.And he joined at Chennai Hospital and for better treatment he went to Singapore.He also sent a message to his fans that shortly shooting of the movie will start and is redy to act.But some people didn’t believe.And Deepika Padukone also don’t k

Nithya Menon comments on Prabhas………

Recently this new star to tollywood is talk in media that recently when asked this actress about rebel star prabhas she said that “she didn’t know about Prabhas and who he is …..”.Its true that this new actress who got a good name from her debut movie “Ala Modhalindi” which was a sensational hit.Recently her movie “180” with siddharth also released.So at the time of promotion of this movie when media asked about this comment,Nithya said that she said that she don’t know much about prabhas and she don’t want to hurt other feelings.Firsrt time when she commented on him she got so many SMS and Emails from prabhas fans.She replies that he is nice person and he is taller than me,wants to act in the movies with him. Nithya Menon also said that she shifted to Hyderabad to do good films and wants to live happily with all of them.Telugu people are so much caring for her and she don’t want to miss that.She don’t want to insult telugu cinema industry people.Tollywood people gae a good break to he

Katrina Kaif's Birthday Celebration on 16th July ........

Sheela Ki Jawaani girl Katrina Kaif didn’t forget the incident which was happened on her birthday function three years back.So,that’s why she decided not to celebrate function on her birthday.Yes this 16 th July is the birthday of Indian glamorous actress Katrina Kaif’s birthday.Since two years she is not celebrating her birthday and her friends are eagerly waiting for her birthday party function.But Katrina denies to give party to them.She said that its enough that what had happened in past birthday function and she don’t want to repeat that,that is on that day Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan quarreled on her birthday function and she will never forget this in her life.On 15 th of this month Katrina Kaif’s sensational movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara will hit the screens and it will be her a great gift for her birthday.She is now busy in promotion of this movie at Mumbai. When asked Katrina about her persons behind her successful career-“Katrina Kaif said there are six persons in movie

Shraddha Das in Kannada Movie "Hosa Prema Purana".......

Beautiful Shraddha Das is busy in sandalwood industry with the film “Hosa Prema Purana”.This is hher debuting movie in Kannada industry.As the shooting of the movie is completed and she is busy in promotion of this movie at Bangalore.When asked about her favourite movie industry in south ,she said if it is asked north or south then she can tell but if she wants to select in south cinema industry then it is very difficult for her.Because she got up in south Indian films and don’t want to divide telugu,kannada and telugu film industry.So she said finally that she likes acting in south Indian movies.Shraddha Das also acted in bollywood movies like Dil To Baccha Hai Ji and some more,but she tells that she feels un comfortable in bollywood.At present this hot girl is busy with one telugu,one kannada and two tamil movies and said she wants to settle in Hyderabad or Chennai with her Dream House.Finally when asked about her favorite movies in her career –she said Aarya 2 is her favourite film

Genelia's Friendly Relation Hot News in Bollywood ........

Bubbly girl Genelia and Maharashtra ex chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh son and bollywood hero Ritesh Deshmukh friendly relation became hot topic in bollywood industry.This friendly relation made her to disappointment.But recently new gossip has come in bollywood about these stars.That is from few days these two are living each other in an apartment at one of the costliest area in Mumbai.And these gossip finally went up this bubbly girl ears and at spot she became serious and said she is not that type of girl to live life together.And these are the rumours spread by some of the people who will hate her.And they are reducing her image in bollywood industry and also warned that from now onwards she is not going to tolerate like this rumours.Genelia also warned media that don’t ask the questions which will cause inconvenience to her.