Monday, July 18, 2016

Shruthi Hassan will not leave them ....

Shruthi Haasan whose physique is good and who looks beautiful and lovely in traditional and modern dresses.dresses. Shruthi is the indian actress who will have more updates on fashion in present generation.On her fashion wear Shruthi said that no girls will be there  who dint like dresses and jewelry. Even though keep aside of jewelry she is very mad on dresses.She wont keep quiet if she steeped in any shopping mall anywhere.
In general she likes jeans and t-shirts because she feels very comfortable in them.Not only dresses she even likes footwear.This south Indian beauty said that till now she have fifty to sixty pairs of shoes of different models,when her friends ask what she will do with so many models then she gives her sweet smile and will say that will wear depends on season and which will match her dresses.

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