Thursday, April 17, 2014

Deepika Padukone's 'LipLock' is her next upcoming movie ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In the past when liplock scenes are shooted then actress was not feeling comfortable,eventhough its difficult however they managed.Now the scene got reversed,actors are feeling shy and actress are getting ready for liplock scenes.And this is the saying in Bollywood on Deepika Padukone.In Bollywood industry her name is 'Lady Emraan Hashmi' is rumor.In every movie of her except two to three movies she had a liplock scenes.
If best liplock award is introduced then it will be grabbed by this Bollywood beauty.So,Homi Addaniya who opted for cocktail movie,now once again planning to take her in his next movie.The title of the movie will be 'LipLock'.By knowing this title only we can expect how the movie will be.Deepika also given a green signal for this movie and other details yet to be known shortly.

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