Samantha reveals her success secrets in movie career ....

Hard work means Samantha and Samantha means hard work…said Samantha in one of her recent interviews with confident. During this interview she said-“In this duration of her three years of her movie career five movies are the block busters with success. So, all are discussing in tollywood that she is a golden leg. When heard this word first time she felt very happy and but now that word is enough for me….said samanta”.The reason for this also she explained that-“She is not only responsible for the success of the movies, but it had lots of efforts and works from other people also. Mostly the success of these movies credit should go to hero and director. So, due to this she is not enjoying the success of it. If cinema gets success by her talent then only she will enjoy the fruitful success which can’t be said or expressed in words. Since childhood I am hard worker and I can work continuously work on sets without break and I will easily mix up with any role….” said Samantha.


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