Monday, April 29, 2013

Its now the turn of Parineeta Chopra in bollywood ....

Movie industry is the makeup world and it’s one of the reason to act in movies, an easy to earn money with status and will have chance to roam around the world at free of cost and had very short eye on movies….is her thinking before entering in movie industry….said Ishqzaade movie actress Parineeta Chopra.She is the dream girl for the youth from her debut success movie ishaqzaade which made her confidence to go into peak level. And now Parinita had a very big eye on movies. She came to know after started acting in the movie that it’s not easy to earn money without hard work and effort. She also got very good respect on movies from her first movie. When entered in to the movie industry she was bubbly and now she is busy in getting slim. That’s why she also left her favourite item Pizza and many more. At present she is acting in the movie under the direction of Manish Sharma. During the shooting of the movie these two became close to each other and friendship went to love between them is the latest rumour. When put this question infront of Parinita-“Till now rumor is that she has affair with Ranveer Singh,Udhay Chopra,Jocky Bhagnani and Arjun Kapoor.And now with Manish.I didn’t fall in love with none of them and the rumours are all false stories” said this B-Town beauty.

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