Monday, April 22, 2013

2013:Tamanna Bhatia struggling in bollywood for success ....

She will search for success in same place she lost said milky beauty tamanna. Recently she told these statements during one of the interview of Bollywood channel. Tamanna speaks that from her debuting in movie industry she failed to get success at entry of every industry and finally she succeeded as time goes on and definitely in Bollywood also she is going to get success soon. And speaking on her movie Himmatwala she said though the movie failed at box office but she got very good name as artist in B-Town. She is very kind to the director and producer of this movie who gave this opportunity. Her Bollywood next project is under Shahid Farhad in which she is playing a cte role. From now onwards she wants to do one project in Bollywood in a year. At present this glam beauty is acting in the tollywood movie THADAKA.

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