Friday, March 8, 2013

Bollywood star says sorry to Deepika Padukone ...............

If King Khan is beside with them then no doubt actress should be very careful from him is the known news in Bollywood. Insulting the actress and enjoying with them is the hobby of this Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan. So, that’s why most of the actresses will stand far away from him at functions and shooting locations is the talk in Bollywood. But staying away from him at shooting of this movie is not at all possible. Recently the Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone had faced this problem at the shooting of her movie ‘Chennai Express’ at Mumbai .She is acting opposite to Shahrukh Khan in this movie. During the shooting gap of this movie Deepika was taking rest and Shahrukh joined her beside her chair. When doing conversation suddenly Shahrukh Khan asked this beauty “who is her present boyfriend?” and this made her shocked. And for this question he only answered that …”Is he Ranvir Singh?” We know that Deepika has got a good position from the movie Om Shanthi Om and she has very respect on him. So, she doesn’t know how to react whether to cry or laugh for his question. And Shahrukh is enjoying on this topic with Deepika.But finally Deepika replied strongly to Shahrukh Khan on his face is the rumor in Bollywood industry. So,shahrukh had said Sorry to this Bollywood Barbie girl. This became hot topic in Bollywood and Gossip writers too.

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