Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bipasha Basu scared at the shooting of movie Aatma ......

“She will be scared of Horror movies” said Bollywood black beauty Bipasha Basu. But highlight about her is that at present she is going to act in two or three horror movies shortly. In that ‘Aatma’ is one of them which will be directed by Suparn Verma and recently one of the shot was shooted of this film. And in this scene Bipasha acted with one junior artist. After that scene director and unit members congratulated Bipasha Basu for doing very good performance. But Bipasha was not in a mood to take their compliments. When unit members asked what had happened to her, She asked ‘Did you people hear any song by a lady voice during the shot of this scene’? Then junior artist also replied that she also heard that song with light voice. But the unit members said that nobody had heard that song except those two and suddenly it became a hot topic there in that shot of the film. And in that group somebody said that it may be the some work of evil. Then Bipasha Basu and that artist face expressions are to be scary. Anyhow nobody knows what had happened in that location. Some say that just its their imagination as they are acting in horror film.

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