Monday, February 25, 2013

Mallika Sherawath's movie shooting Dirty Politics in trouble .....

Bollywood's hot star Mallika Sherawat is in controversies now.Mallika's latest movie Dirty Politics which is directed by KC.Bokadia in which she is playing a character of Banwari Devi and the supporters of Bhanwari Devi are on fire now.It is the movie based on the real life story of a Nurse Bhanwari Devi in Rajasthan which became sensation in india.And the rumors on this issue made the people to protest and attacked the sets of this movie at indore and on Mallika too is the news. But the director Bokadia had striked of this rumors and he confirmed that this movie is not based on the
Bhanwari Devi story.And as the Bhanwari Devi case is still in court,Getting threatining calls for Mallika Sherawat as she is acting in this Dirty Politics movie and some political interference
may have changed the script of this movie it seems.
Bokadia also confirmed that Mallika is playing a character of Anokhi Devi but not Bhanwari Devi in this movie which is not a nurse character in this movie.We already know that Shekhar Kapoor faced same problem during the movie Bandit Queen and Ekta Kapoor during Vidya Balan's Dirty Picture movie but Bokadia don't want to face those issues as they.But good news for the audience is that Mallika is not looking in a saree and she will be doing a hot hot item song in this movie rumor made the fans of Mallika to get relief for sometime are the words from bollywood idols.

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