Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kareena Kapoor's upcoming movie HEROINE was issued a 'A' certificate ........

Kareena Kapoor as an artist of the directior of Madhur Bhanderkar under the UTV company production movie HEROINE is going to release on 21st of this month i.e. 21 September 2012.We now that Aishwarya Rai has been replaced by Kareena Kapoor in this movie.The news is that bebo baby Kareena is looking as cigarette smoker in most of the scenes in this movie. In Indian society smoking cigarette is a offence and that a girl smoking is big offence and this is not to be tolerated by the court. And by keeping in view of the bollywood upcoming movie HEROINE Censor Board issued a ‘A’(Adult Movie) certificate to this movie. In this movie Kareena is seeing almost in the 30% of the scenes in role and at the time of these scenes Censor board ordered movie director to show Warning Messages on silver screen. And not only that scenes but also movie showing a famous cigarette brand in more than ten scenes which is showing like a huge publicity of that brand from this movie. Board ordered not to show that brand name clearly in this movie. Anyhow beside these issues this movie has been getting a vast publicity before the release of this movie with very high expectations.Already the trailers of this HEROINE made high expectations for the distributors. Based on the story of the real life of actresses the movie has been made. Except issuing a ‘A’ certificate and some issues on drinking and smoking Kareena Kapoor’s image is not going to be damaged from this. We know that on small screens showing the movies of ‘A’ rated certificate movies are completely banned now and censor board ordered not to telecast the movie after 11 pm also on television. By this the producers are losing a share of the television ‘Satellite Rights’ from this order.

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