Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Deeksha Seth on her exposed glamour in movie ....

“In cinema glamour is must. And she is better in doing glamorus roles than some of the bollywood actresses who perform item songs. They will be looking in complete glamorous role in one song only. If you want write on glamour news its better to write on them rather on her.....” said tollywood actress Deeksha Seth. Recently her movie ’Oo kodathara Ulikki padathara’ released in tollywood. In this movie she crossed her limits in acting glamorous role is the talk in tollywood people. Deeksha seth replied harshly on media for this statement. She tells that in this movie she looked so simple. She wore the dresses as same as now young generation youth are wearing in public. And don’t know why media is zooming on her rather than on public. This movie is a hollywood range movie and glamour is necessary for this type of movies. It’s a complete family oriented movie and it should have equal importance in every shot of the movie.

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