Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eega movie success made Samantha top most actress ...

No body knows who samantha is two years back.but all of in a sudden she introduced as jessi in movie industry that too from tollywood from the movie ye maaya chesave of gotham menon.From then she is ruling the tollywood from movies Brindhaavanam,Dhookudu.Right now she became the top most actress in movie induxtry from the success of SS Rajzmoulis crazy tollywood project.Yes What You are guessing ix right.its about the movie Eega.which released yesterday.No words are there now to speak about she looks xo much beautiful and awesome in the movie.when coming to acting she did a complete justice and competeted with Naani and Sudheep.She looks amazing in movie with her great dialogue delivery and expressions.She is going to be a good competitor in bollywood doudt one day Samantha will become a movie icon like sridevi and madhuri dixit.

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