Monday, June 11, 2012

Samantha dropped from Maniratnam's latest movie .......

“According to situations decisions will change ,it’s common and it’s not a wrong ” said Samantha.And there is a reason for this statement  made by this south Indian cinema beauty actress .Tree years back she wants to complete her studies and settle in a good job. But she doesn’t want to settle in job from nine to five and she entered in movie industry. On this situation only Samantha made the above statement. She said that she would have been missed love and affection if she didn’t enter in to this movie industry, it’s a great gift to enter into the film industry. At present she is busy with acting with six movies. It’s a happy thing to do six movies at a time but recently she faced a bitter experience. She has been selected for the top director Maniratnam’s tamil movie “KADAL” ,but she has been dropped from this movie later. And news is that Samantha is looking elder than the hero of this movie GouthamKanna and that’s why Maniratnam changed his mind. Finally Samantha opened her lips and told the reason that – “At present she completed the sixty percent of shooting of her movies and restless for more months with shooting schedules. She is feeling unhealthy and tired so some of her schedules became up and down. That’s why she quit from the Maniratnam’s movie and it’s her bad luck that she is not acting under the direction of kollywood top director Maniratnam.

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