Monday, April 2, 2012

Nayantara's solo life and second innings ......

Some real life stories of reel actresses are like some reel stories.The beautiful star Nayantara’s real life is also like that now a days.Nayantara said that she learnt good lessons in real life with her bitter experience that is her love with Prabhu Deva.We know that her relationship with Prabhu Deva came to an end recently. Now, she is getting busy with reel life by starting her second innings in movie industry. Almost she had decided to end her movie career, but don’t know what happened Prabhu Deva and Nayantara’s love relationship was ended. When asked her about her solo life these days –“Three and half years they are in love and till now she didn’t come out from that incident. It will take some time for her. So, there’s nothing to tell about her solo life now.Nayantara also said that she want to quit from the movie industry after getting marriage with Prabhu Deva,it was a hard decision she had taken in her life and she don’t want to remember those days. After a gap of almost eleven months, she got in to shooting. And she wants to do movies with the actors till she didn’t act with” said Nayantara.

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