Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No affair going with actor Rana,said actress Bipasha Basu ....

Every time to standing in news in movie industry credit goes to the bollywood actress Bipasha Basu. Her recent interview in TV channel became a hot topic for bollywood movie industry. The latest gossip on bipasha is that she is having affair with the actor Rana who is the tollywood movie LEADER fame and she enjoyed that gossip very much is the statement in that TV interview.Then what is the meaning of that statement is the latest discussion to some of the top bollywood icons and not only that lot of stories and rumours are going in media also. So, this made bipasha once again to talk on this rumours.”Rana is younger than her and he is a wonderful guy. That’s why she enjoyed the gossips came on her. That only she said in the TV interview and there’s no other meaning in that statement. She knows only to speak face to face and with honest. There is only one person in her heart and everyone knows that. She also had a living relationship with him. That’s it, and no other person in her lovable heart as you are believing.” Said the bollywood black beauty actress Bipasha Basu.

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