Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shraddha Das as a prostitute in the upcoming Hindi movie 'India Shining' ........

Shraddha Das who is one the hottest actress in movie industry is once again coming with the bollywood movie ‘India Shining’.In this movie she playing as a role of prostitute.She feels that the role she playing in this movie is a special in her movie career and will also will take her to the good position as an artist. As an artist and performance it’s a challenge for her.This movie will be great message for the girls who living thier lifes in red light areas.When asked her is it necessary to this type of roles at this up and bottom of her career in movies. Shraddha replied that she also got desire to be as stardom in industry. So for proving her talent and as an artist trying to act in the new roles. She don’t want to lose these opportunities which will change her future.Whenever she is acting in spicy scenes she will not concentrate on how many dresses will change and how romantic that scene will be, just she will involve in that character only. Though her career is going both in bollywood and tollywood but success is far from her till now and she is looking for good days in future..said Shraddha Das.

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