Monday, February 6, 2012

Samantha is waiting for the next success from Raja Mouli's Movie ......

“Ye Maaya Chesave,Brindhaavanam and Dhookdu are continuous hits and they are unexpected victories. The latest upcoming tollywood movie ‘Eega’ will also become super hit.Raja Mouli’s name is enough to become success of this movie and at present she is thinking on her new movies only” said star actress Samantha in her own style. She attended for the private function in Chennai and she said the above lines. Because of the busy schedule only she is not acting kollywood movies.If time comes she will manage the dated both in tollywood and kollywood.On speaking of her movie Eega..”The movie will become a wonder and Raja Mouli is working hard on this project. She is feeling lucky that she got opportunity to act in this movie. This movie on the screens will become sensation which we never seen in Indian movies till now. As we know that if it’s a Raja Mouli movie then it will have high expectations. She is eagerly waiting for the fourth success. When asked that ..If become habit of success then at sometime if the movie fails will she bear it?-“Samantha replied that it’s not in her hand. And she wants to tell one thing that she got some steps to become success in industry. If story has been judged correctly then it will be a success way.”

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