Monday, February 6, 2012

Is Deepika Padukone's love with Siddharth is going to end....!

Once again Deepika Padukone came to know that she is unlucky in LOVE.In past she had a love affair with bollywood chocolate boy Raanbir Kapoor,but after that they became far from each other. And after that she had fallen in love with Siddharth maliya. And this love couple became a hot topic in industry in some functions by their presence. And bollywood people thought that Deepika and Siddarth will get marry not like with Ranbir that happened in past. But recently Deepika Padukone placed status on her Blackberry phone that “Game is over” which became a hot discussion.And some movie experts say that Deepika  and Siddharth staying far from each other these days because just few days days back Deepika signed for the latest movie in which Ranbir Kapoor also acting. From then Siddharth is not caring her and staying away. Recently Siddharth attended solo for one of the function and the message posted by Deepika on twiiter made confirm that love between them is come to an end.Other news is that Ranbir and gorgeous Deepika Padukone are getting nearer and Ranbir gifted piano to Deepika Padukone.Jokes are going in bollywood that new love has been started with old lover.

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