Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trisha Krishnan is getting busy with Dhammu and Samaran ......

From the side of performance Trisha Krishnan already got a credit from tollywood people.But after getting in to tollywood ten years back also she is not able to speak in telugu,its some disappointment for trisha lovers in tollywood.Many actresses like Anushka,Tamanna,Thapsee are enternerd in tollywood after Trisha,they already got a good command in speaking telugu.But,till now trisha not able to speak in telugu language.She wants to get away fro this problem as soon as possible.From now onwards she wants to dubb her own voice in her movies in different languages.So,at first she is  dubbed in her own voice from the movie ‘Mankatha’ with actor Ajith.At present this beauty is acting in the telugu movie ‘Dhammu’ with Jr.NTR and in kollywood movie ‘Samaran’ with vishal.Trisha decided that in these movies mostly wants to speak in her own cute voice.For the ‘Samaran’ movie already she is seriously busy in dubbing her voice.And now the one which is left is for the movie telugu movie ‘Dhammu’ and she is busy in learning telugu language and trying to dubb her own voice,if at all not possible from this movie then in her next movie she will dubb in her own voice...said Trisha Krishnan.

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