Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Success of those movies will be a tension ...Samantha

Those who are in limelight for them only offers will be plenty, the seletion from the offers made in that time will depend their luck. Now the beauty of movie industry samantha’s life is going like this only. And at present she is having half a dozen of tollywood movies in her hand. From kollywood also Samantha getting lot of offers. Because of this she is unable to set the dates for the big offers and finally rejected them also. In this range her movie career is going now a days. When asked this beauty about this she replied – “After getting stardom in movie industry this situation is common for every actress and she is facing that situation only. And she is in tension on the movies she rejected. When some actress is acting the movies that she left, if it becomes huge success then it will be a great loss for her.The movies which she signed are also a famous and big banner productions, that’s why she rejected the tamil movie offers. Then her decisions will do well or bad the time only should tell her” said Samantha.

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