Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shriya Saran tells her plus points ......

“Shreya is wonderful artist and she can play a role in movies is the credit she wants to get before entering the movie industry. Now she reached her goal, but as an artist there’s lot more to learn in movies now...” said Sreya Sharan. This beauty entered in movie industry since twelve years.In this twelve years she didn’t get any gap in this acting industry. But these days Sreya not getting offers in movies, that’s why she is staying behind from this competitive industry. Shreya replied about this, that different artist will have their own style, that’s why no one is competitive with them. In these 12 years she is very busy, no need to bother on this. In the she signed every movie to settle in life and not necessary to act in any movie now. She is carefully selecting the movies that it’s a good movie or not. Shreya Saran tells that she likes her self confidence; she can face any situation at any time. She will not concentrate on unnecessary things and will no take tension …these are her plus points to settle in movie industry.

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