Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pleasant Kiss On Katrina Kaif Cheeks by .........

A Bollywood award distrubution fuction is going.All the legends of movie industry attended this function and lots of audience also attened this award function.On the request of host Bollywood Baadshan ShahrukhKhan and beautiful actress katrina Kaif came on to stage.The fans of these stars are making huge sounds with vigils and claps.Suddenly theres a shocking scene for all of them in function.Infront of thousands of people Sharukh Khan gace a sweet kiss on the lovely cheeks of Chikni Chameli girl Katrina Kaif.And the people who saw this said this its a hot romantic kiss.And Katrina Kaif didnt response anything in this situation and frankly telling that it seems to function viewers that katrina kaif enjoyed this Kiss.
And finally this scene made the hot topic in bollywood.When some peole are thinking that its just a wishing and welcome kiss ,and some think that shahrukh khan had forgotten his principles.Finally on getting lots of comments on this,Shahrukh khan replied that “Katrina Kaif is a goo friend of him,he gave her just for a fun” and he dont want to talk much on this.And then its tht turn of this beauty now-“Its just a friendly kiss between them but in this kiss some miracle is there and this smooch had a great pleasure to her” said Katrina Kaif.
On hearing both of them,their statemnets are different and again its became a fresh and hot discussion.In past also these situations are happened to Shilpa Shetty.She had a kiss by the hollywood actor Richards Gare.This deep smooch made a sensation in movie industry.As now Sharakuh,katrina  replied smoothly on these incidents in that way only Shilpa Shetty responsed on her smooch.

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