Monday, January 23, 2012

Item Songs will be key to the movie collections...says Katrina Kaif

“She is not performing in item songs for the sake of money,just to prove and show that she can also do these type of songs” Said beauty star katrina Kaif.The latest gossip in media on this star is that,Katrina knows the the technique of earning huge amount of money in a short period,that’s why she is acting in item songs and recently for one of the item song she demanding 2 crores of rupees.And she replied as above on these rumors.Katrina Kaif said that “Dont under estimate the item songs.Item songs will change the situation of the whole movie.At present acing in item songs from the top stars like her also will make the movie success.The gossip on taking 2 to 3 crore of rupees for item song on her is completely false statement.Producers will know how much they should give for her.They know how much collections they can make on this item song,based on that they will give remuneration for her and they will not give her as she demands.Katrina Kaif said that she will not do item song in every movie,First she should like the story,production values should be good and finally her song should elevate in movie,then only she will give green signal for item song.When asked suddenly how she became agreat dancer Katrina replied that Daily she is doing three to four hours of practing dance,that;s why she is in this positon now..said Katrina Kaif with lovely smile.

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