Friday, November 25, 2011

Is Samantha acting with Ramcharan under V.V.Vinayak Direction....

“Hai Everybody….acting with Ramcharan in the upcoming movie under V.V.Vinayak direction made her feel happy “ is the message tweeted in twitter account of beautiful Samantha made the issue in tollywood media. And there is a reason for that. We know that under Ramcharan direction with actor Ramcharan,Kajal Agarwal is playing a lead role, but the samantha’s message is a shock news in telugu filmnagar.But finally came to know that Samantha doesn’t post this message on her twitter id.Because someone has opened twitter account by her name and make believing as that its samanta’s. And the shocking news is that around 24 thousand people are following this samanta’s fake twitter id.Samanta feels unhappy by this account that her fans are getting false news and her image is getting down by this twitter account. Samantha wants to file a case against this fake account. Actually,Samantha had this twitter account, but longtime back she deleted her account. Now by this same name only unknown person had opened this account and samanta wanted to know this person.

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