Monday, November 28, 2011

Is Priyanka Chopra acting in Kollywood Movie directed by Murugudass ......

The bollywood glamorous star was first seen on movie screens from kollywood movie Tamilan with Vijay which released in 2002.And from there Priyanka got busy in bollywood and settled as a glamorous actress  then stayed away from south Indian movies.The latest gossip is that priyanka chopra is doing movie with kollywood hero vijay under Murugudass direction and this rumor is spreading in kollywood,bollywood.On this issue Priyanka said …”The rumor of her acting with vijay is not true news and she doesn’t get that offer in front of her till now. If comes she don’t want to loose that opportunity.And these rumors will disappoint her producers that’s why she is giving full clarity of the rumor”. This glamorous beauty tells,vijay is her favorite actor and Murugudass is her great director. If offer comes to work with them she will not ask or see any remuneration. So, lets see how this offer will be utilized by Murugudass and Vijay.

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