Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bips says now they both are good friends…..

Bollywood hottest black beauty actress Bipasha Basu says that they both now are good friends. You would have noticed now about whom I am saying? Yes, its about the Bipasha Basu’s relation with John Abraham. Recently she said to media that “At the time of relationship with John media made a issue and now after breaking with him also making a issue. She don’t how these rumors are coming to it the punishment after becoming a celebrity.”As we know both bipasha and John Abraham had living relationship and now they breakup due to some misunderstandings .Now talk in bollywood media that Bipasha will blush if anybody ask about the John and vice versa.Bipasha denies these rumors. Right now they both are good friends. They both are acting the latest movie Race 2 which is under shooting now and Bips said that she is playing a small role in this movie and not much with John Abraham.

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