Preity Zinta in tha way Of Maddona….

Cute and Bubbly looking actress Preity Zinta will shortly looking as a slimmest girl. Moreover after gap of three months preity is acting in the bollywood movie “Ishq In Paris”.Recently she she started her own banner PZNZ.On this banner the movie Ishq In Paris in going to be started under Prem Soni direction and she is acting in this movie.In this movie she will be acting as a paris girl.So,that’s why she wants to maintain her body structure as of her role in the movie.She approached fitness trainer and Hollywood celebrity Tracey Anderson for training.
Anderson is the fitness trainer of top world celebrities like Maddona,Gwineth Paltro,Hip Hop girl Shakeera,Jennifier Aniston and Jennifer Lopaez.So that’s why these top celebrities will look younger and beautiful in their fifties also.And the trainee is also following the same course for Preity Zinta.So,shortly this Indian beauty will look as a 20-21 year young girl.As the story demands the French Actresses,so Fabrice Luchini,Catherine Daneuv has been opted for this movie.If this movie gets good success at box office then no doubt she will be one of the successful director cum actress in Indian film industry.


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