Monday, June 20, 2011

Punjabi Beauty Kamilini Mukherjee With ......

Stage Acting people are very rare who came to cinema industry.And in that people Punjabi girl Kamalini Mukherjee is one actress who debuted from tollywood movie Anand.After that she got good films like Godavari and Gamyam.These three films made her movie career to stand.But its also ture that her movie career has become little bit slow and this Punjabi Kudi (girl) also accepted that.On this news she said that “She don’t want to know why this was happened? And she follows the great lines of Ravindranath Tagore.And said past is past,she don’t want to know about her past.Present and Future is important for everyone in their life.If people concentrate on this definitely they will catch the success.At present this beauty is busy with movie Virodhi in which she is playing a variety character.The movie is directed by Neelakanta.In search of good character oriented movie only she rejected the movies in past it seems.And Kamalini said this role is dream role of her and definitely this movie will be a success on screens.

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