Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Poorna Rocks wih Her Dance In Her Debut Movie ....

From the debuted tollywood movie Seematapakaya actress Poorna made the audience and directors to attract by her dance and acting.Now the directors are concentrating on this beauty girl now.The viewers who sa this latest tollywood comedy flick is talking on her dance movements in this movie,so we can guess in what range she danced.When asked about this to her –“I like dance very muchBefore coming  to movie she is the winner of one Kerala Channel dance reality show.Her dance only made her to enter in movie industry” said Poorna.She feels proud and happy that her beautiful dance liked by the telugu viewers.And she also said that she looks over weighted in this movie.Poorna said that she knows that in film industry actress should be slim then only will reach top position.At present she is busy in reducing her over weight.This tollywood girl said that not only beauty,glamour will not reach the success but friendly nature is also necessary.In telugu industry friendly nature is more that’s why poorna wants to settle in this telugu industry.

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