Saturday, June 11, 2011

Neetu Chandra's Coaching Only For Ladies ........

Neetu Chandra, just by hearing this name only movie lovers will remind of the issue which she made for photo session for posing as lesbian in mumbai beach.She is one the hottest actress in bollywood.Till now this hot and sexy girl didn’t get much offers in movies as solo character. Now this beauty is in planning to establish Marshal Arts Academy.Its true in real life or reel life it is necessary for actresses to act in fighting and some stunt,action scenes.So Neetu Chandra is only one in movie industry who better know about marshal Arts but she didn’t get opportunity in movies to show her talent. And this will be a big disappointment for Marshal Arts and Neetu Chandra lovers because she will give training only for girls or ladies but not for gents.And she will also give coaching for actress to act in movie scenes.So shortly she is opening the Academy ,may be in Mumbai.

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