Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beautiful Girl Shruthi Hassan's Robbery ....

Shruthi Hassan is upcoming star and of beautiful actress in movie industry now a days. She will give as much information or details on her movies but will not tell anything about her personal details. Because those details are unnecessary for you said Shruthi.She said these dialogue in many times. Shurhti is one actress in Indian movie industry who will talk straight forward. Recently she told one incident that this beauty got one dream. And this is not like normal dream. She got a dream that she robbed a bank and she disturbed by seeing herself as thief said Shruthi Hassan. She is thinking why this dream came whether it is a sign to do action oriented film. At present she is acting in tollywood movie “Oh My Friend” with actor Siddharth and by seeing title only we will come to know that its not action film. And also acting in tamil movie  “7 Aam Arivu” which is action oriented but not for her role its for actor Surya. Because in this movie she will be appearing as a scientist.So in her next film her she wants action based role with fights.If anyone approaches her with action thriller story then she will sign for that film.

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