Thursday, June 2, 2011

Asin with Lip Lock scene in Movie Ready .........

When doing south Indian movies in tollywood and Kollywood this kerala kutty Asin denied in acting exposing and glamorous roles. But after moving to North Indian movies she changed her mind. Because in the upcoming bollywood movie Ready she will look in short and sexy skirts and too much exposed with her glamorous scenes.Not  only that in past rumors also came that Asin had a lip lock scene with star salman khan in this movie.But now as the movie releasing getting near she revealed –It is fact that she had a lip lock with salman khan in Ready movie and said she faced many difficulties during this shooting scene. They took two hours to complete the scene and took up to fifteen takes as she feels uncomfortable. As that situation demands that scene so she agreed-said Asin. So when asked about Bikini role-she said if story and situation demands she is ready to do.So at present projects she don’t need this and  in future movies if role demands then no problem to look in bikini .

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