Angelina Jolie as Egypt Queen Cleopatra ....

Angelina Jolie will soon be looking up as Egypt Queen Cleopatra. Yes this beautiful actress of Hollywood is playing a character of Cleopatra in her upcoming movie. So Angelina feels very happy for getting this role in Hollywood cinema. This is not the first time movie in Hollywood on Cleopatra, in 1963 based on her story the movie was released and that role was done by Elizabeth Taylor. For her acting she got good marks in Hollywood industry. So now that was done by Angelina Jolie and when asked about this role –“Don’t compare her acting with that star actress Elizabeth Taylor. And in this Cleopatra movie they are not showing her as sex symbol but showing her in different angle. For this project she is working hard. And most of us don’t know about Cleopatra except she is beautiful and glamorous .But after seeing this movie you will know what she is other than her beauty. And she is very happy while reading her life history of Cleopatra.  And from this movie you will know how powerful and energetic she is In her life. “said Angelina .


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