Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Neetu Chandra Knows Lip Reading | Neetu Chandra's Hot Photo

Be aware of the bollywood sexy girl Neetu Chandra.Because she will easily catch what the people are talking thoughshe is far away from them.Because she is taking coaching of Lip Reading .Neetu said as she is busy with movie life and should wait for flights at airport and getting bored.So she she attending classes of Lip Reading so that she can know the what tennage people and lovers talk from their lip movements.She want to know what the lovers talk when they are alone.So neetu Chandra is busy in seeing the lips of the people these days.And when asked about mistaken when she is seeing then she sadi she will see only if they are busy in talking and not yet seen her.From the time she started lip reading she is not getting bored.

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