She is Ready for Sizzling Liplock – Sneha

In thirties also she is looking beautiful with her stunning beauty. After completing Sheha’s ten years of acting in movie industry Sneha’s  glamour and acting did not change at all.S o for all homely roles in the movies first option will be Sneha for directors.Those who acted according to trend will stand in the industry.Now a days glamour is playing  key role in movie.So if script demands she is ready to act in two piece bikinis also. But now a days most of the actresses are ready to act in romantic and erotic scenes that’s why sneha also wants to act in this scenes. She also said acting in sedutive scenes is not bad and she is also ready to do in lip lock scenes also. Sneha said she knows her beauty and glamour.She is now acting in bollywood and busy in the photo shoot of that film. So what sneha wants to say is that if story demands she is ready to do in bikini and lip lock scenes.


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