Monday, April 18, 2011

Quality is preferred than Quantity-Anushka Shetty

Tollywood sweety shetty Anushka is now particular in choosing films.This Bangalore beauty is giving more importance to quality than quantity that is character than remuneration.She is not concentrating on every movie but just choosing a good character movie.while doing any movie she will think that it is her first movie and last movie.Because movie industry will revolve around success only.From now onwards she will give importance to success than character.So glamorous Anushka Shetty want to do movie which have commercial values .She also said she will not act in movies which demand more glamorous role.At present Anushka is busy in tollywood with Prabhas in movie Rebel and with Nagarjuna in movie Damarukham.She is also acting with vikram in tamil movie Dhaiva Thirumagan.

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