Friday, April 29, 2011

Nisha Agarwal's Handsome Guy is ..........

Mahesh Babu is the ultimate Handsome guy is said by the tollywood leading actress Kajal Agarwal sister Nisha Agarwal.When anyone asks about –Who is the most handsome actor in tollywood … she will tell Mahesh babu without any hesitation.The glamorous Nisha Agarwal’s dream is to actin with prince Mahesh Babu.For that sweet opprtuninty only Nisha is waiting.At present she is acting in SOLO movie in which Naara Rohit is the Hero.On the screens Rohit is professional but in the gaps of shooting he looks very cool.This SOLO telugu movie will give good success to both of them and it comes up with a good story–said Nisha.When asked Nisha about her sister Kajal,told she liked the movies Darling.In that movie as Nandini’s character is good.She also wants to act with Prabhas as Darling movie.When asked Nisha about Bikini scenes in movies ? She Replied- Whats wrong ?If story demands its not aproblem to look in two piece Bikini and especially scenes at swimming pool is must …That is no one can swim with Jeans and Saree.So wearing Bikini is must –Replied Nisha Agarwal.

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