I loved working with him - Kruthi Kharbanda

Kruthi played a very decent and cute role in the movie Teenmaar with pawan kalyan. She played a character of Vasumathi .She got very good response from the audience with her beauty and performance.So recently she expresses her feelings in Hyderabad. She said “The movie got a very good feedback especially for her acting also got positive response from audience. Vasumathi  charater in that movie is unforgettable in her life”. In this movie she got one beautiful scene in which she don’t have single dialogue just by the movements of her eye she acted. For this scene Jayanth is very careful and confident on me.Though she is from North India she grown up in Bangalore.She likes Sarees and Salwaar Kameez.So this made me happy during this shooting of movie because her character demands these costumes.Speaking on Powestar  -Working with him is a great experience.Though he is a big star he will be simple and good support.Though she is new actress he cooperated in every scene.Trisha also gave full support to her during shooting of that movie.


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