Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Deepika Padukone praises Bollywood Badhshah……..

Deepika Padukone praising the bollywood star shahrukh khan.She speaks on the movie which is under shooting Ra-One movie.In this movie Deepika is acting in a item song with Shahrukh.She also speaks that she is inthis stage because of him only from her debuted bollywood movie Om Shanti Om.Its her first experience in bollywood also.Deepika is once again eager to act with Sharukh with out any remuneration.She also tells that in some interview he praised her that “Deepika’s  special attraction is her cute smile and she looks superb  in her smile”.So after Dum Maaro Dum item song once again Deepika is ready to sizzle in latest Shahrukh’s movie with hot item song.

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