Monday, April 25, 2011

Asin in the sequel of Bollywood movie Housefull

Kerala Kutty girl Asin is now remaking the tollywood movie Ready with salman khan in bollywood.Asin also acting in the sequel of comedy movie Housefull.Salman Khan recommended Asin for that sequel movie.Then Asin replied-“Now a days media is spreading wide.They are competiting to give hot news daily.In that competition stars are the loosers.After seeing my performance in movie Gajini the director,producer Sajid khan and Sajid Nadiadwala gave me the offer for the housefull movie sequel.But media spreading the news that salman khan had recommended her.So after reading this news she got disappointed.So in her opinion if anyone is recommende then their performance will be poor.thats why she requested media not too write these rumours or stories as they want for their own publicity..Asin said she don’t have any godfather in movie industry.She alone got good position in south Indian cinema’s.After seeing Asin acting in the hindi movie Gajini most of industry people said Asin is a good actress.Thats why she is getting good offers in movie industry without recommendations.

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