Nayanatara says no for acting in ads…………..

Nayantara will always be unique compared to other actresses in the movie world. Nayanatara’ s uniqueness will always create her many problem. Nayanatara never like to go in the same way as others. In the recent past one of the jewellery showroom in Chennai visited Nayanatara and requested her to act in ad for the promotion of the jewellery. Nayanatara said no to their offer even though they offered her crores of rupees for the advertisement. Nayanatara said that she never likes to act in the business based advertisements. Main reason for rejection of Nayanatara of the promotion of jewellery is she does’nt like to worn ornaments. Nayanatara said that it became too difficult at the time of shooting “Simham” ,with BalaKrishna, in which she has to wore many heavy ornaments for the character in the movie


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