Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kangana Ranaut…..hates Mumbai......

Kangana is very much worried about the rumours on her. Kangana is very angry for latest news on her. Kangana cleared that she did not undergone any surgery on her face. Kangana says that god has given her enough beauty which does not need any surgery. I am happy with what god has given her.In bollywood, some says that kangana has got that beauty only after going many surgeries. Kangana says that’s all rubbish.

Four years had passed since kangana stepped into bollywood. Kangana’s debut film was Gangster. Kanganas native place is Himachal Pradesh. Kangana says Himachal is much better than Mumbai. Kangana gets irritate with the heavy traffic in Mumbai and pity on the people who will be near traffic signals for their poverty. Whenever Kangana finds free time , flies to Himachal to get peace.

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